Audio Recordings

Paul Weller
19 October 2012
Greek Theater Los Angeles
Greek Theater LA Alternative

My Ever Changing Moods 
Friday Street

Running on the Spot 
Wake Up The Nation 
That Dangerous Age 
When Your Garden's Overgrown 
Just Who Is The 5 o'clock Hero? 
Cost Of Loving 

Foot Of The Mountain 
Long Hot Summer 

You Do Something To Me 
Moon On Your Pyjamas

Above The Clouds 
Kling I Klang 
Shout To The Top 
The Attic 
Strange Town 
Up The Dosage 

Around the Lake 
Broken Stones 
The Changingman

25 Tracks

Taken from DimeaDozen

Recorder(waxdoll) was late & missed the first song along with a few seconds of the next.
So Persic allowed him to use the missing part of the recording from his.
So Waxdoll's recording from Friday Street's Drum Kick !
Greek Theater Los Angeles 19-10-2012

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2 CDs
105 minutes