Audio Recordings

Paul Weller
15 June 2015
Danforth Music Hall, Toronto
Toronto Upgrade

White Sky
Come On, Let's Go
Long Time
I'm Where I Should Be
When Your Garden's Overgrown
The Olde Original
Into Tomorrow
Saturns Pattern
Going My Way
Above the Clouds
The Attic
From the Floorboards Up
Friday Street
Porcelain Gods
Brand New Toy
You Do Something to Me
Peacock Suit
Whirlpool's End
Crowd Noise
Out of the Sinking
These City Streets
Crowd Noise
Broken Stones
Band Introductions
Foot of the Mountain
The Changingman
Town Called Malice

27 Tracks

23 Songs

Ripped the audio from the webcast shared on Dimeadozen (thanks to indykid).

The missing track of Town called Malice has been added by taking the audio from a Youtube Clip.

Yahoo Webcast Audio.
Danforth Music Hall, Toronto 15-06-2015

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2 CDs
ive Webcast -> downloaded .ts segments (batch script) -> TSSplitter (join) -> .ts
111 minutes