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Paul Weller
28 June 2015
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival Full 2

White Sky 
The Changingman 
From the Floorboards Up 
I'm Where I Should Be 
Long Time 
That's Entertainment 
Above the Clouds 
Saturns Pattern 
Going my Way 
Friday Street 
Porcelain Gods 
Broken Stones 
You Do Something to Me 
Peacock Suit 
Whirlpool's End 
Town Called Malice 

17 Tracks 

Dimeadozen by knowsley19.

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Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK; June 28, 2015. Very good audio, extracted from satellite TV broadcast.
What a night you’ve got,” says Paul Weller gruffly, not, one suspects, a man who’s ever been much given to spending his weekends trudging through mud with glitter on his face carrying a flag that says PAUL AND SPUD’S BARMY ARMY. “Not just us, but The Who as well.”
The audience roar: there are people here in FUCK KANYE T-shirts and a lot of blokes with Liam Gallagher hair. But these days, at least, Weller is nowhere near as musically conservative as some of his fans. The hits understandably get the biggest response - Changingman, You Do Something To Me, That’s Entertainment, a slightly trudgy version of Start!, a sparkier take on Town Called Malice that concludes the set - but the most intriguing stuff he plays is off his most recent album, Saturns Pattern: if it’s less fragmented and strange than its predecessor, Sonik Kicks, there’s still something exploratory and off-kilter about the piano-powered title track, and the dense, ominous psychedelia of opener White Sky.

Glastonbury Festival 28-06-2015

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