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Paul Weller
2 July 2015
Jardins de Pedralbes-Barcelona,Catalonia,SPAIN

I'm Where I Should Be
Long Time
The Changingman
White Sky
Into Tomorrow
Above The Clouds
The Attic 
Saturns Pattern
Going My Way
From The Floorboards Up
Friday Street
Porcelain Gods
Brand New Toy
You Do Something To Me
Peacock Suit
Whirlpools End
Out Of The Sinking
These City Streets
Band Introductions
Picking Up Sticks
Broken Stones

22 Tracks

21 Songs

This is 7th show of this great Festival of Jardins de Pedralbes on the Royal Palais
of Barcelona.This is the first show of Paul Weller in Barcelona since the last one in 2008.Great
show with and excellent sound.the venue was not sold out but the audience was very
receptive and we follow the songs with passion.

Taken from DimeaDozen.

Jardins de Pedralbes-Barcelona,Catalonia,SPAIN 02-07-2015

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87 minutes