Audio Recordings

Paul Weller
7 October 2015
The Fonda Theatre Hollywood, CA
Fonda Theatre LA

I’m Where I Should Be
Long Time
Man in the Corner Shop
White Sky
Pick It Up
Saturns Pattern
Going My Way
Into Tomorrow
My Ever Changing Moods 
Have You Ever Had It Blue 
Up in Suze's Room
Friday Street
Porcelain Gods 
Above the Clouds
Peacock Suit
In the Crowd
The Changingman
These City Streets
Whirlpool's End
Town Called Malice 

23 Tracks

Taken from DimeaDozen
The Fonda Theatre Hollywood, CA 07-10-2015

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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2 CDs
Sonic Studios mic>Battery Box>Edirol R-09HR>ProTools (for level adjustment, eq, compression, and song separation)>Flac
110 minutes