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Paul Weller

Acoustic Kaleidscope

Amongst Butteflies
Above The Couds
Bitterness Rising
Red Balloon / Fly On The Wall
Wild Wood
Guitar Tuning Up
Foot Of The Mountain
All The Pictures On The Wall
A New Day Baby
You Do Something To Me
Broken Stones
Out Of The Sinking
Driving Nowhere
Friday Street
As You Lean Into The Light
Back In The Fire
A Whales Tale
Dust & Rocks
Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea (Introduction)
Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea
Waiting On An Angel
Black Sheep Boy
Reason To Believe
I Shall Be Released
Thats Entertainment
No One In The World

26 Tracks

Tracks 1 - 4 :The early Solo Years
Tracks 5 - 9 : Into The Wildwood
Tracks 10 - 12 : A Trip Down Stanley Road
Tracks 13 - 15 : A Piece Of Heavy Soul
Tracks 16 - 20 : Heliocoustic
Traks 21 - 24 : The Tribute
Tracks 25 - 26 : Days Gone By

" Paul Weller's Music has always been Soulful And Sinple.This Recording captures Paul Weller stripped down to One Guitar, One Voice and Classic Songs"

Acoustic Kaleidscope

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1 CD
76 minutes