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Paul Weller

As Not Seen On CD

Heliocentric (Swordsman 4 UR Mix) 6:38
Wishing On A Star (Candy Apple Remix) 6:39
Whirlpools End (Lynch Mob Beats) 8:05
Kosmos (Bonus Beats) 6:11
The Bottle (Big Boss Man Vocal Mix) 3:09
King Truman-Like A Gun (Radio Edit Mix) 4:04
I Should Have Been There To Inspire You 3:43
Thinking Of You (Radio Edit) 3:40
Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea (Radio Version) 3:25
The Bottle (Big Boss Man Instrumental) 3:06
Come On Lets Go (Acoustic) 2:58
Savages (Acoustic) 2:49
Dust & Rocks (Acoustic) 3:38
Illumination (Acoustic) 3:11
Long Hot Summer (Acoustic) 3:26
Thats Entertainment (Acoustic) 2:09
Frightened (Demo) 1:29
Back In The Fire (Acoustic) 2:09
Thers No Drinking After You're Dead (Demo) 1:55
Snap Medley 6:36

20 Tracks
As Not Seen On CD

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