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Paul Weller

BBC Extras

Disc 1
Its Written In The Stars 

Richard Allinson Show Radio 2 07-12-2002**
I Forgot To Be Your Lover 
Janice Long Show Radio 2 12-03-2003**
Reason To Believe 
Gary Crowly Show BBC GLR 16-05-1995*
Dark End Of The Street 
BBC GLR 'Radio Woking' 26-05-1997 
(with Bobby Gillespie)**
I Shall Be Released 
Gary Crowley Show BBC GLR 29-07-1996*
With Time & Temperance 
BBC Music Live Abbey Road  29-05-2002**
Black Sheep Boy 
Emma Freud Show Radio 1 26-10-1994*
(Strings Overdub Session) 
The Making Of Heliocentric Radio 2 2000** 
Leafy Mysteries 
Richard Allinson ShowRadio 2 07-02-2002**
As You Lean Into The Light 
BBC GLR 'Radio Woking' 26-05-1997*
Has My Fire Really Gone Out 
Jackie Brambles Show Radio 1 02-07-1993**
Back In The Fire 
BBC Music Live Abbey Road 29-05-2002**
BBC John Lennon Day 08-12-2005*
Heres One That Got Away 
BBC Radio Theatre 23-04-2001
(with Steve White & John Francis)**
Dust & Rocks
Richard Allinson Show Radio 2 09-08-2000*
Its A New Day Baby 
BBC Radio 4 Kaleidoscope 17-06-1995*
Going Places 
BBC London Live 28-09-2002**
A Whales Tale 
Richard  Allinson Show Radio 2 09-08-2000*
BBC 5 Live Session 28-09-1992**
Thats Entertainment/ Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 
Jackie Brambles Show Radio 1 02-07-1993*

Disc 2
He's The Keeper

BBC Music Live Abbey Road 29-05-2002**
One X One
Richard Allinson Radio Show2 07-12-2002**
Everything Has a Price To Pay
BBC 5 Live Session 28-09-1992*
(When You) Call Me  
BBC 5 Live Session 28-09-1992**
A Bullet For Everyone
Janice Long Show Radio 2 12-03-2003**
The Circle
Gary Crowley BBC GLR 29-07-1996**
Long Hot Summer
Richard Allinson Show Radio 2 07-12-2002**
Theres No Drinking After You're Dead 
(Abbey Road Demo)
The Making Of Heloiocentric Radio 2 2000**
Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea
BBC Radio Theatre 23-04-2001*
(with Steve White & Bill from Wood)
Heavy Soul 
Radio 1 Evening Session 09-11-1998**
Dust & Rocks 
(Abbey Road Demo) 
The Making Of Heliocentric Radio 2 2000**
Down In The Seine 
BBC GLR Session 22-02-1996 *
Richard Allinson Show Radio 2 07-02-2002**
Bull Rush 
BBC 5 Live Session 28-09-1992**
Waiting On An Angel 
Mark Goodier Show Radio 1 23-11-1997
Porcelain Gods 
Gary Crowley Show BBC GLR 29-07-1996**
Picking Up Sticks 
BBC Music Live Abbey Road 29-05-2002**
In The Crowd 
Janice Long Show Radio 2 12-03-2003**
Jackie Brambles Show Radio 1 02-07-1993**
Town & Country Club Radio 1 05-12-1990**

40 Tracks 

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BBC Extras

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