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Paul Weller

Bootleg Series Volume 1

The Circle - Gary Crowley Session 8/13/96
The Poacher - Cover Of The Ronnie Lane Tune Live With OCS
Shopping - Live
Uh Huh, Oh Yeh - Live
The Cost Of Loving - Live
Into Tomorrow - Acoustic Session Track
Work To Do / Pity Poor Alfie - live
Peacock Suit - Gary Crowley Session 8/13/96
Broken Stones - Live With Steve Ellis
Science - Live @ The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Dec '98
A Year late - Live @ The Columbia Fritz, Berlin, Nov '03
Savages - Pre 'As Is Now' Radio Airing, Introduced By Paul Weller
The Cage - Oasis Feat. Paul Weller
Strange Museum - Demo
Above The Clouds – Demo

15 Tracks
Bootleg Series Volume 1

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