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Paul Weller

Complete B Sides

Disc 1
Heres a New Thing
That Spirtual Feeling
Into Tomorrow (8 Track)
Arrival Time
Fly On The Wall
Always There To Fool You
Everything Has A Price To Pay
All Year Round
Feelin' alright
Kosmos (SXDUB2000)
Bull Rush - Magic Bus
That Spirtual Feeling
Ends Of The Earth
This Is No Time

Disc 2
Foot Of The Mountain Live
The Loved
Kosmos(Lynch Mob Bonus Beats)
Sexy Sadie
Sunflower(Lynch Mob Dub)
I'd Rather Go Blind
Itsc A New Day Baby
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You (RAH 1994)
My Whole World Is Falling Down
Woodcutters Son (Radio 1 Session May 1996)
I Shall Be Released
Porcelain Gods - Live
Broken Stones - Live
Eye Of The Storm

Disc 3
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Shoot The Dove
As You Lean Into The Light
Sunflower - Live
Brushed - Live
Mermaids - Live
So You Want To Be A Dancer
Everything Has A Price To Pay
Right Underneath It
The Riverbank
Wild Wood (Sheared Wood Mix)
Bang Bang
Back In The Fire
Theres No Drinking After You're Dead
Horseshoe Drama
Pushbutton Automatic

Disc 4
Butterfly Collector - Live
Carnation - Live
Wild Wood - Live
Leafy Mysteries - Live
Broken Stones - Live
Peacock Suit - Live
Come Together
Heres A New Thing
Don't Let Me Down
Amongst Butterflies
Bitterness Rising
Friday Street - Live
Peacock Suit - Live
Up In Suzes Room - Live
He's The Keeper (BBC Radio 2 Session 2000)
Frightened (BBC Radio 2 Session 2000)

66 Tracks
Complete B Sides

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4 CDs
277 minutes