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Paul Weller

Eponymous To Wild Wood

Into Tomorrow
Wild Wood 
Foot of the Mountain
Fly on the Wall
Bitterness Rising
All the Pictures On The Wall
Amongst Butterflies
Red Balloon
Above The Clouds
Moon On Your Pyjamas
A Year Late
Hung Up
The Loved
Headstart For Happiness
Long Hot Summer
Everything Has A Price To Pay
Abraham, Martin And John
Dr Robert (with Nick Heyward)

 20 Tracks 
Acoustic Radio Sessions (1992-1994)
Tracks 1-4   - NDR March 1994.
Track 5 Unknown
Tracks 6-8   - WXFN 10-11-1992
Track  9     - 2 Meter Du Lucht 08-09-1992
Track  10    - Modern Rock 10-05-1994
Tracks 11-15 - Radio Bremen 27-01-1994
Tracks 16 - 20 - WEQX -Radio Lathom 14-12-1993
Eponymous To Wild Wood

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1 CD
68 minutes