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Paul Weller

Generic Old Stop

Brand New Start 
Black Sheep Boy 
Fly On The Wall 
As You Lean Into The Night 
Shoot The Dove 
Ain't No Love In The City 
Long Hot Summer 
Above The Clouds 
Reason To Believe 
Come Together 
Don't Let Me Down 
Foot Of The Mountain 
Whirlpool's End 
Long Hot Summer 
Tin Soldier 
Sitting In Limbo 
I Shall Be Released 
Waiting On A Angel 
No One In The World

21 Tracks
Track 3VH1 Uncut 1/5/'99

Tracks 4, 5, 8, 10, 19, 20Acoustic

Tracks 6 & 7B sides

Tracks 9, 15 & 18Radio Sessions

Track 11Help benefit

Track 12 : Don't Let Me Down

Track 21 : From Fire & Skill
Generic Old Stop

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1 CD
79 minutes