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Paul Weller

Illumination - Best Of Live Performances

Going Places Live Brahead Glasgow 16-10-2002
A Bullet For Everyone Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam 11-11-2002 
Leafy Mysteries Virgin 03-10-2002
Its Written In The Stars Virgin 03-10-2002
Who Brings Joy Columbia Fritz  Berlin 21-11-2003 
Now The Night Is Here ?
Spring at last Album
One X One Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam 11-11-2002
Bagman Fanclub Disc 
All Good Books Benicassim 03-08-2002
Call Me No.5 Hyde Park 28-07-2002
Standing Out in The Universe Virgin 03-10-2002
Illumination FanClub Disc 

13 Tracks 
Live Versions of the Illumination LP 
Splinters Compilation
Illumination - Best Of Live Performances

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