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Paul Weller

On TV 2008

22 Dreams - Jools Holland
Have You Made Up Your Mind - Jools Holland
Invisible - Jools Holland
Push It Along - Jools Holland
Have You Made Up Your Mind/The Changingman - J Ross

Push It Along - The Rehearsal Sessions
Have You Made Up Your Mind - The Rehearsal Sessions
Wild Blue Yonder - The Rehearsal Sessions
Echoes Round The Sun - The Rehearsal Sessions
Sea Spray - The Rehearsal Sessions
Push It Along - Indig02
Have You Made Up Your Mind - Indig02
Echoes Round The Sun/Floorboards - Indig02
Light Nights - Suggs In The City
Why Walk - Suggs In The City
All I Wanna Do - The Culture Show

Why Walk - The Culture Show 

17 Tracks

Tracks 1-4: Jools Holland
Track 5: J: Ross
Tracks 6-10: The Rehearsal Sessions
Tracks 11-13: Indig02
Tracks 14-15: Suggs In The City
Tracks 16-17: The Culture Show
On TV 2008

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1 CD
61 minutes