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Paul Weller


Into Tomorrow 
Tin Soldier 
Bull-Rush/Magic Bus 
(When You) Call Me 
Everything Has A Price To Pay 
Has My Fire Really Gone Out? 
What's Going On? 
Out Of The Sinking 
Moon On Your Pyjamas 
Hung Up 
Black Sheep Boy 
Wild Wood 
Out Of The Sinking 
All The Pictures On The Wall 
Foot Of The Mountain 
Fly On The Wall 
Wild Wood 
The Changingman 
Porcelain Gods

21 Tracks

Tracks 1 - 2: The Late Show with Jonathan Ross, UK; 1991
Tracks 3 - 6: Radio 5(AM Mono), UK; 28th September 1992
Tracks 7 - 9: Later with Jools Holland, London; 1993
Tracks 10 - 11: US FM radio broadcast; 10th May 1994
Tracks 12 - 15: Emma Freud Show, UK; 15th June 1994
Tracks 16 - 19: German Radio; 10th March 1994
Tracks 20 - 21: The White Room, UK; 17th April 1995

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74 minutes