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Paul Weller

Weller Does TSC

Headstart For Happiness 
RBS Sendesaal Berlin 29-10-2004
Down In The Seine 
AX Tokyo 12-07-2001
It Just Came to Pieces In My Hand
RAH London 01-08-2004
Brixton Academy 20-04-1991
My Ever Changing Moods
Haldren Pop Festival 07-06-2004
Whole Point Part 2
Town & Country London 06-12-1990
Speak Like A Child
Town & Country London 06-12-1990
Man Of Great Promise
Town & Country London 06-12-1990
All Year Round
Tipitanas 1992
Waiting On A Connection
Tor3 Dusseldorf 11-11-1990
Its A Very Deep Sea
Glasgow 24-11-1990
When You Call Me
RAH London 13-10-1992
Long Hot Summer
RBS Sendesaal Berlin 29-10-2004
How She Threw It All Away
Hamburg Docks 13-11-1990
Cost Of Loving
Yellow Club Japan 02-03-1992
Heres One That Got Away
BBC Radio Theatre London 23-04-2001
Picadilly Trail
Brixton Academy London 20-04-1991
Shout To The Top
RBS Senesaal Berlin 29-10-2004

18 Tracks
A fan-made mp3 collection of Paul Weller solo performances of Style Council songs culled from a variety of different live recordings.
Weller Does TSC

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