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Paul Weller

Wild Wood - Best Of Live Performances

Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
Wild Wood (Acoustic TV Performance)
Instrumental, Pt. 1 (album)
All The Pictures On The Wall
Has My Fire Really Gone Out (Live Jools Holland 1993)
Instrumental Two (album)
5Th Season (Japan October 1994)
The Weaver (Vancouver 21-03-93)
Instrumental One, Pt. 2 ( album)
Foot Of The Mountain (Acoustic)
Shadow Of The Sun ( Acoustic)
Holy Man (Reprise) (album)
Moon On Your Pyjamas (Acoustic Live) - KCRW

14 Tracks 
Live Versions of the Wild Wood LP 
Splinters Compilation
Wild Wood - Best Of Live Performances

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52 minutes