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The Style Council
31 January 1986
Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle Full

World Turned Upside Down
Levi Stubbs
It Says Here
Power In The Union
Between The Wars
Just Because
Days Like These
Micks Up
All Gone Away
Down In The Seine
A Message From Our Leaders
With Everything To Lose
Blues Jam
Communards 1st Song
Communards 2nd Song
Communards 3rd Song
You Are My World
Don't Leave Me This Way
Sade & DC Lee Song
See The Day
Prefab Sprout 1st Song
Prefab Sprout 2nd Song
Shakespeares Sister
I Want The You One You Can't Have
Boy With A Thorn In His Side
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Don't Look Any Further
Move On Up
People Get Ready
Stand Down Magaret

32 Tracks
Red Wedge Tour

Tracks 1-7 Are The Billy Bragg Set
Tracks 8 -15 Are The Style Council set
Tracks 16 - 20 Are The Communards Set
Tracks 21 - 22 Are Sade & DC Lee 
Tracks 23 - 24 Are Prefab Sprout
Tracks 25- 28 Are The Smiths Set
Tracks 29 - 32 Are Everyone.

 Artwork does not show FULL concert.
Newcastle City Hall 31-01-1986

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2 CDs
115 minutes