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The Jam
14 October 1977
Rats Kellar Boston
Rats Kellar

The Modern World
Time For Truth
I've Changed My Address

Caranaby Street
Sounds From The Street
London Girl
In The Street Today
London Traffic
In The City
Bricks & Mortar

10 Tracks  
Heres the comments from the taper, which along with the advert implies to me the  Boston Rats Kellar two nights were the 13th and 14th, not as I previously understood them to be the 10th & 13th.
"The Jam live at The RatBoston, Massachusetts, USAOctober 13, 1977first of two nights*(Thursday and Friday the 14th)The Jam's first show in Boston, shortly after playing their  first US shows at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go in Los Angeles.
with the Nervous Eaters opening
Audience tape by Zootype - never previously circulated.
 This was one of the loudest shows I ever saw - not as in merely ear-splitting, but as in body-crushing, mind-warpingly, breath-takingly LOUD.
  The Rat, at the time, did not have the pretty good sound system they had later - in fact, I believe that this was still the era when they had no sound system at all and bands had to lug their own PAs in with them (from little practice PAs to some nearly-professional systems.)
  When the owner of the Rat booked name-acts and record-company acts, he would rent a PA if it was requested - for this show, he got a massive (for a small room like the Rat) system with bass bins, big mid-range horns and tweeters piled up on each side of the small stage.
 The rental included a crew and sound engineer [see notes below] - the engineer was a guy with considerable experience, and he mixed the opening Nervous Eaters loud but mostly cleanly (the Rat was basically a cellar with low ceilings - drummers could stand up on stage and play on the pipes overhead - not the best place for acoustics).
 I witnessed the following while standing at side of the soundboard: After the Eater's set, a guy from the Jam's road crew spoke with the engineer and asked for "louder" for the Jam. I guess it wasn't louder enough, because not far into the Jam's set, their crew guy stepped up to the soundboard and began pushing the sliders up.  The engineer was accomodating - he stepped back, crossed his arms and let it happen (after switching on a limiter he had on the system to protect the speakers). From that point on, the sound was almost out of control - so loud it actually became hard to breathe for a while.
 It's something of a miracle that this recording came out as well as it did - the limiter on my deck kept it from saturating the tape to the point of just noise, and the bodies in the room absorbed some of the more nasty frequencies. I had to eq the shit out of it to reduce the booming low end and the snare drum pounding like bombs going off (but you'll still hear it for sure).
 The deck itself was on the table next to the soundboard - plugged into the AC box but not the soundboard itself. A soundboard tape of this show would probably have been useless - it's an aud and thankfully so.
 I've never shared this with anyone because the tape was close to unlistenable - I made a dub from it years ago for play use, but only to remind me that it should stay in its case - but the digital age has made it possible to clean it up a bit and I'm happy enough with the results that I'm glad to put this out there.
 Don't expect hi-fi...there is distortion, booming in places, and the mix is off the walls (check out the bass guitar intro in the clip of "In the City"), but it is listenable  and after you've played this back [loud, of course], you might be feeling a little of the buzz in the head that I had for a few days afterward.
 Listen to the samples if you have misgivings about grabbing it but take it for what it is - a document of a very memorable and very LOUD show by a great band.
 I hope you enjoy it. -
Tracklist:01 intro 0:3102 Changed My Address 3:11 [title as announced from the stage]03 Carnaby Street 2:1804 Modern World 2:3905 Time for Truth 3:1006 London Girl 3:0607 All Around the World 2:3708 Sounds From the Street 3:1109 London Traffic 1:5310 Bricks and Mortar 1:5311 In the City 2:2612 Takin' My Love 3:12[There was an encore but I didn't record it - sorry]-total time - 30:15 minutes
The Jam - 1977:Paul Weller - guitar, vocalsBruce Foxton - bass, vocalsRick Butler - drums
-Source/lineage:UHER portable tape deck using on-board condenser mic and limiter>master normal-bias cassette>transferred in Soundforge with volume leveling (no normalizing used), EQ to lessen booming low frequencies and distortion>single WAV file>tracked in Audacity>SBE's repaired, FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper ------------* Some notes:There seems to be some confusion about this show - the official Jam 2008 site links to  the "Official Jam" site (as listed on Google), which lists - incorrectly - the Jam at the Rat on October 10 and 13, 1977.
 The Jam actually played the Rat on the 13th and 14th (I've included a scan of the Rat's ad for the shows).
 The 13th and 14th dates are listed at Boston Groupie News' 1977 shows list:"The Rat - Oct 13+14 Thur+Fri The Jam and The Nervous Eaters Orpheum Theater - Oct 14 Fri Iggy Pop and Bee Bop Deluxe"

 There is a commercial bootleg in circulation purported to be of this show ["Not Born in the USA", which also had 4 tracks listed as from the 4 Acres Club in Utica NY April 1978]- but the track listing doesn't match exactly - and one etree user describes it as an FM broadcast. I'm not aware of any such broadcast. Here is the track listing for the supposed Rat set on that bootleg from
Set 1: I've Changed My Address Carnaby Street Modern World Time for Truth The Combine All Around the World Sounds From the Street London Traffic Bricks and Mortar In the City Takin' My Love - has this listing:" October 13 - the Rat, Boston MA, USA ****BOOTLEGGED**** "
- I believe my information is accurate for good reason: At the time, I wrote the date on my tape used for this torrent. More to the point, though, I was one of the sound crew for this show and I recorded it (one of the few times I took my recording gear to a job - I worked for the sound company and I was there to help set up our sound system). 
 But I left the Rat immediately after the Jam's set and I was only present at the end of the second night to help with the load-out. My recollection is that they played only one set each night and the Eaters played two (if anyone else here was there and/or knows differently, please correct me).
 I suppose it's possible that they played two sets on the 13th and that the bootleg in circulation could be the second set.
 This torrent is of the first set of the two night run - no doubt about it.--
 The next night, the 14th, I went to the Orpheum to see - and tape -  Iggy Pop with Be Bop Deluxe.
 I've already posted the Be Bop Deluxe show on Dime, it's still on the tracker here:
 The Iggy show is pretty problematic and isn't ready to be shared.
 As always, I'm open to being corrected if I'm mistaken about any info" 

Rats Kellar Boston 14-10-1977

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