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The Jam
11 September 1977
100 Club London
Early & Late Tapes

Disc 1
I've Changed My Address
Carnaby Street
This Is The Modern World
Time For Truth
So Sad About Us
London Girl
In The Street Today
All Around The World
London Traffic
Sweet Soul Music
Bricks & Mortar
Don't Tell Them Your Sane
In The City
Art School
Back In My Arms Again
Slow Down

Disc 2
Move On Up
Running On The Spot 
But I'm Different Now 
In The Crowd 
Happy Together 
The Great Depression 
Town Called Malice 
Scrape Away 
That's Entertainment 
Tales From The Riverbank 
Pretty Green 
Private Hell 
David Watts 
Trans Global Express 
Little Boy Soldiers 
The Butterfly Collector 
When You're Young 
The Gift

41 Tracks
Disc 1 
Live at 100 Club, London, England
11th September 1977
17 Tracks 46 minutes
Disc 2 
Live at Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, Japan
16th June 1982
24 Tracks 78 minutes
Copy of a Japanese CDR Silver Bootleg
Uxbridge 122 DO91124

(Not fully convinced Don't Tell Them Your Sane & Back In My Arms Again are from this icon 1977 gig)
Early & Late Tapes

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Back Cover Artwork
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2 CDs
124 minutes