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The Jam
28 October 1980
Newcastle City Hall
All Conned Mods

Thick As Thieves
Boy About Town
Going Underground
Pretty Green
Man in the Corner Shop
Set The House Ablaze
Private Hell
The Modern World
Little Boy soldiers
Pretty Green
Funeral Pyre
Art School
Changed My Address
Modern World
Bricks & Mortar
Carnaby Street
In the City
The Eton Rifles
Mr Clean
All Mod Cons
To Be Someone
Billy Hunt
Away from the Numbers
Sound from the Street

25 Tracks
Tracks 1-11 City Hall, Newcastle (28-October-1980)
Tracks 12-13 Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show US TV 1980
Tracks 14-19 Various John Peel Sessions from 1977
Tracks 20-25 Paris Theatre, London (1-June-1978)
All Conned Mods

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