Audio Recordings

Paul Weller
2 July 1995
Roskilde Festival Denmark & Jools Holland 1996

Tracks 1 - 5 : 
Roskilde Festival, Denmark;

2nd July 1995
Out Of The Sinking
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
The Changingman
Time Passes

Tracks 6 - 18 : 
Later with Jools Holland, London;

23rd February 1996
The Changingman 
Out Of The Sinking 
Broken Stones 
Porcelain Gods 
Amongst Butterflies 
Wild Wood 
A Man Of Great Promise 
Tales From The Riverbank 
A Year Late 
Woodcutters Son 
You Do Something To Me 
Whirlpool's End

17 Tracks.

Includes Jools Holland 1996

No Introductions at start of Jools Holland as stated on the Artwork.

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1 CD
70 minutes