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Changed My address
London Traffic
Slow Down
Changed My address
Carnaby street
Modern World
In The Midnight Hour
Takin' My Love
Reach Out I'll Be There
Aunties and Uncles
Much Too Much
Batman Theme
Absolute Beginners
Tales From The Riverbank
Funeral Pyre
Sweet Soul Music
England I Miss You
I Got You(Ifeel Good)
Smithers Jones
Sure Is Sure
Work To Do
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Wonderful World
My Girl

28 Tracks,
CD-R Compilation
Tracks 11 - 14
Those Hidden Extras 7" Single

Tracks 15 - 18
Studio B.15 EP

Tracks 19 - 21
England I Miss You 7" Single
Bootleg Singles

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1 CD
76 minutes