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The Jam

Non-Stop Dancing LP

100 Ways
Forever and Always
I Will Be There
Non Stop Dancing

Walking The Dog
Left right and centre
When I Needed You
Please Don't Go

Takin' My love
Soul Dance
Back In My Arms Again
I Got By In Time
Wonderful world
My girl
But I'm Different Now
But I'm Different Now

19 Tracks
Recordings from 1975/1976.
LP Transfer

These are very early recordings, Pre-Polydor.

Tracks 1 - 5 
1st march 1975 (4 Piece)

Tracks 6 - 10 
11th December 1975 (4 Piece)

Tracks 11 - 13 
May 1976 ( 3 Piece)

Tracks 14 - 19 
Various 1980 Jam Demos
Non-Stop Dancing

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1 CD
60 minutes