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The Jam

Not Far At All

CD 1 
01-Walking the Dog 
02-Takin' My love
03-Back In My Arms Again
04-Sounds From the Street 
05-Art School 
06-I've Changed my Address 
07-In the City 
08-The Modern World 
09-All Around the World 
10-Bricks and Mortar 
11-London Girl 
12-Carnaby Street 
13-The Night 
14-Billy Hunt 
15-To Be Someone 
16-Saturday's Kids 
17-The Eton Rifles 
18-The Eton Rifles 

CD 2 
19-See Saw 
20-Little Boy Soldiers [Part 1] 
21-Little Boy Soldiers [Part 2] 
22-Little Boy Soldiers [Part 3] 
24-Pretty Green 
25-My Girl 
26-But I'm Different Now 
27-But I'm Different Now 
28-Get Yourself Together 
29-My Mind's Eye 
30-We've Only Started 
31-Not Far at all 
32-Not Far at all 
33-Not Far at all 
34-Not Far at all 
38-Happy Together

38 Tracks
Compilation of Wheres Woking? & Skirt
Not Far At All

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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2 CDs
99 minutes