Audio Recordings

The Jam
21 September 1982
Showering Pavilion Shepton Mallet
Shepton Mallet Mono

In The Crowd
Town Called Malice
The Modern World
Away From The Numbers
So Sad About Us
Going Underground
Little Boy Soldiers
Thick As Thieves
It's Too Bad
Smithers Jones
Pretty Green
Dreams Of Children
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
David Watts
Mr Clean
All Mod Cons
To Be Someone
When You're Young
The Gift
But I'm Different Now
Funeral Pyre
Eton Rifles

27 Tracks
"Remastered in Mono to equal out channels & re-edited to make it more listenable " ColB
Showering Pavilion Shepton Mallet 21-09-1982

Front Cover Artwork
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2 CDs
Authored by ColB
83 minutes 13 Seconds