Audio Recordings

Paul Weller
23 April 2001
BBC Radio Theatre
Acoustic Imperfections

Introduction By Johnnie Walker
The Loved 
Brand New Start 
Out Of The Sinking 
All The Pictures On The Wall 
Science (+ Whitey) 
Back In The Fire 
Sweet Pea (+ Mandolin & Whitey) 
Here’s One That Got Away (+ Violin & Whitey) 
That’s Entertainment 
Frightened (Piano) 
You Do Something To Me (Piano) 
There’s No Drinking 
Every Thing Has A Price To Pay (+ Whitey) 
Headstart For Happiness (+ Whitey) 
Wild Wood

18 Tracks, Full Show


"That Lights Perfect Now .......Moody"

Interestingly, Wild Wood & Headstart For Happiness are reversed as compared to Radio Broadcasts.

As This is an audience recording, I suspect this is as it was on the night !!

Acoustic Imperfections

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1 CD
77 minutes