Audio Recordings

The Jam
9 March 1980
Minnesota Civic Center
Going Underground’ US Tour 1980

Going Underground
Saturday's Kids
Burning Sky
It's Too Bad
Thick As Thieves
The Modern World
Mr Clean
The Butterfly Collector
Private Hell
Away From The Numbers
The Dreams Of Children
Little Boy Soldiers
Strange Town
When You're Young
The Eton Rifles
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
All Mod Cons
David Watts

19 Tracks
Obviously taken from DimeaDozen to make this Japanese CD-r

Notes from Taper :
This is straight from the mastertape. I have not done any EQing, filtering, editing, or any kind of tampering with the sound.
I don't put sound ratings on these uploads -- I'd prefer to have somebody independent (such as yourself) judge that. So, after you've downloaded and listened, post a comment on the sound quality.
Minnesota Civic Center St Paul's 09-03-1980

Front Cover Artwork
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1 CD
Minnesota Mike
2 Shure mics>Sony TC-D5 stereo recorder>Maxell UDXLII cassette>Yamaha-KX330 tape deck>Terratec-EWX soundcard>EAC-WAV>Audacity-FLAC
64 minutes 38 Seconds