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The Jam
13 March 1981
Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
Amsterdam Highlights

David Watts
Going Underground
Private Hell

3 Tracks

Taken from the Dutch VPRO "Muziek Terwijl U Slaapt" FM radio broadcast, November 27, 1998.
Note from Taper :
Another tape from the Magnix Live Archive.
The original transfer of this tape was done almost 8 years ago (March 2000) when I had just started transferring (mostly older) tapes to CD-R. Because I already noticed those annoying 0.2 second gaps when splitting files with CoolEdit and then burning to disc, but was not yet familiar with sector boundary errors and such, I burned this as one track to CD-R back then. Also, FLAC, SHN, and the likes didn't exist yet (I think), and storage was not as easy as nowadays (with affordable external harddrives, recordable DVD's, etc.), so this was only burned as audio, and not as a lossless data backup file as well.
Now time has moved on, I'm going back to these older transfers to rip them for back up. When the rip is OK, EAC-wise and soundwise, it will be transferred to FLAC for backup purposes right away. If there's a problem, the old tape will be dug out again, and a fresh transfer is made when the tape hasn't gone down any further. And when I haven't come across the same or an upgraded version on a BitTorrent site or elsewhere, it will be shared for others to enjoy.
In this particular case the EAC-rip is error-free (log is included), and I do note have the original tape anymore, so I opened the single WAV-file with CDWave, and split the file into separate tracks.
October 2007/June 2009.
Uploaded to DIMEADOZEN on April 23, 2017 by Magnix.
Amsterdam FM Radio 14-03-1981

Front Cover Artwork
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1 CD
FM Radio Broadcast
FM cable > VHS > WAV > CD-R > WAV > FLAC level 8.
10 minutes 53 seconds