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The Jam
13 March 1981
ParadisoAmsterdam Netherlands

Pretty Green
Boy About Town
Man In The Corner Shop
David Watts
Going Underground
Private Hell
The Butterfly Collector
Set The House Ablaze
The Dreams Of Children
Little Boy Soldiers
But I'm Different Now
When You're Young
The Eton Rifles
'A' Bomb In Wardour Street
Thick As Thieves
This Is The Modern World

21 Tracks

Note from Taper:
This is the first night of two Jam Concerts
in a row at the Paradiso.
The Dutch radio also did record 6 songs from this night.
They did never broadcast the complete concert.
Between the second and third ancore there were 4 minutes.
The DJ of Paradiso already started to play records.
Only the public kept on demanding more of The Jam.
Amsterdam 13-03-1981

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1 CD
81 minutes 20 Seconds