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Paul Weller
25 February 2018
BBC6 Music Matt Everitt
The First Time With...

Pw On Becoming Aware Of Music
Wonderboy -The Kinks
PW On First Guitar & First Album
Getting Better - The Beatles
PW On First Gig & Nina Simone
Mood Indigo - Nina Simone
PW On In The City
In The City
PW On Stevie Wonder
If You Really Love Me - Stevie Wonder
Saturns Pattern
PW On Being Political
That's Entertainment
PW On The End Of The Jam & Curtis Mayfield
Choice Of Colours - Curtis Mayfield
PW On nThe Style Council
Speak Like A Child
PW on Into Tomorrow
PW On Drink & Drugs, The Future & Conan O'Brien
Courage - The Villagers

23 Tracks
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Matt Everitt's The First Time With... Paul Weller

Paul Weller talks Matt through the seminal musical firsts of his life. He discusses his very earliest influences, the early days of The Jam, the formation of The Style Council and the evolution of his solo career.
The First Time With...

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FM Radio Broadcast
56 Minutes 21 Seconds