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Paul Weller
12 December 1991
New York Ritz NYC
New York Ritz NYC (Alternative)

Introduction [0:32] 
Uh Huh Oh Yeh [3:27] 
My Ever Changing Moods [5:09]
The Cost of Loving [4:22]
Tales from the Riverbank [3:46]
Man in the Corner Shop [3:11]
Carnation [3:43]]
Amongst Butterflies [2:32]
Round and Round [4:20]
That's Entertainment [2:37] 
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now [1:22]
Clues [4:51]
Long Hot Summer [5:47] 
The Piccadilly Trail [3:25]
Into Tomorrow [3:31] 
Bitterness Rising [4:52]
Headstart for Happiness [3:18]
Kosmos [6:21]
Band Introductions [0:36]
Here's a New Thing [4:06]
Feelin' Alright? [4:32]

21 Tracks
Band line-up:
Paul Weller - vocals, guitar
Helen Turner - keyboards
Camelle Hinds - bass
Jacko Peake - saxophone, flute
Steve White - drums
Zeke Manyika - percussion
Taken from Dime
Notes from the uploader Elegymart :
"ourtesy of the Stonecutter Archives is this show from Paul Weller's first solo tour in the U.S. A very transitional moment in Weller's musical evolution, that some would criticize as directionless. Post-TSC, he throws in a few Council and Jam nuggets, dovetails into the Smiths, encores with a Traffic cover, and presents some at the time unreleased new solo material. 

On the cassette flip, "Long Hot Summer" is cut. On the other side of the flip, "The Piccadilly Trail" cuts in. Other than some sighs near the mic -- lack of enthusiasm on Stonecutter's part (or someone nearby) for the new songs -- the only other major flaws were mic bumps in the right channel, most of which have been cleaned up here."

New York Ritz NYC (Alternative)

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Back Cover Artwork
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1 CD
Sony ECM-909A mic > Sony WM-D6c > 1990 US TDK SA (Super Avilyn) 90 (Type II CrO2) analog audio cassette
Sony TC-WE435 (azimuth adjustment) > Roland R05 (24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (audio cleanup, convert to 16/44) > SHNtool (fixed SBE) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (WAV > FLAC8
76 Minutes 31 Seconds