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Paul Weller

Stanley Road Demo's and Rarities

Stanley Road
Porcelain Gods
Time Passes
Broken Stones
You do Something To Me
I'd Rather go Blind
Its a New Day
I Didn;t Mean To Hurt You
A Year Late
My Whole World Is Falling Down
Woodcutter's Son
Porcelain Gods

13 Tracks 
Tracks 01 to 04
Demo Versionbs 0f Songs from 'Stanley Road'
Tracks 05 to 07
Non Album Tracks
Track 08
Recorded Live at Royal Albert Hall
Track 09 
Non Album Track
Tracks 10 & 11
Revcorded Live from Radio One's
Evening session
Braadcast May 1995
Track 12
Recorded Live atKRO;s
October 1995
Track 13 
Non Album Track
Stanley Road Demo's and Rarities

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