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Paul Weller
11 May 1997
Big Noise Festival Cardiff Bay Wales
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I Walk On Gilded Splinters
Peacock Suit
Porcelain Gods
Heavy Soul
Broken Stones
Friday Street
The Changingman
Woodcutters Son/Not Fade Away
The Changingman
I Walk On Gilded Splinters
My Whole World Is Falling Down
Above The Clouds
Amongst Butterflies
Red Balloon / Fly On The Wall
Wild Wood

15 Tracks

Tracks 1 - 8:
Cardiff Bay Theatre, UK;
11th May 1997

Tracks 9 - 10:
Live sessions;
April 1997

Track 11:
Maida Vale Studios, London;
26th April 1995

Tracks 12 - 15:
Dutch Radio Session
('2 meter de lucht in')
Soul Preview

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64 minutes