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Paul Weller
24 October 2007
Heineken Greenspace 2 Valencia Spain

All I Wanna Do Is Be With You
Why Walk when You can run
Who Brings Joy
All On A Misty Morning
Into Tomorrow
Lite Nites
Oranges & Rosewater
Amongst Butterflies
Wings Of Speed
Foot Of The Mountain
??? Steve Cradock Song
Roll Along Summer
I Wanna Make It Alright
The Butterfly Collector
Shadow Of The Sun
Crowd Noise
Just Like The Rain
You Do Something To Me
Come On, Let's Go
I Shall Be Released

22 Tracks
Richard Hawley plays on 'Just Like The Rain' & 'I Shall Be Released'

Heineken Greenspace 2 Valencia Spain 26-10-2007

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2 CDs
87 minutes