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Paul Weller
22 May 2008
Hammersmith Apollo
Hammersmith Apollo Night 2

Blink And You'll Miss it
22 Dreams 
From The Floorboards Up
All I Wanna Do / Out Of The Sinking
Sea Spray
Peacock Suit 
Push It Along 
Empty Ring 
Wishing On A Star 
Picking Up Sticks 
Have You Made Up Your Mind 
Shadow Of The Sun 
All On A Misty Morning 
Why Walk When You Can Run 
The Butterfly Collector 
Wild Wood 
Echos Round The Sun
Come On/Lets Go
Eton Rifes 
Whirlpool's End 
Wild Blue Yonder 
Broken Stones
The Changing Man
All You Need Is Love

25 Tracks,
All I Wanna Do / Out Of The Sinking Is One Track
Hammersmith Apollo 22-05-2008

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2 CDs
124 minutes