Video Recordings

The Jam

Gift From The Underground
120 minutes

Live At Fridays, Los Angeles California 
March 1980
Start , Private Hell

Live On American Bandstand 
March 1980
Heatwave, Interview, Strange Town

Live On Rockpalast Germany 
November 25th 1980
Dreamtime, Thick as Thieves, Boy About Town, Going Underground, Pretty Green, Man in the Cornershop, Set the House Ablaze, Private Hell, Liza Radley, Dreams of Children, Modern World, Little Boy Soldiers, But I'm Different Now, Start, Scrapeaway, Strange Town, When You're Young, In the City, To Be Someone, David Watts, The Eton Rifles, Down in the Tubestation at Midnight.

Tomorrow show with Tom Snyder 
Feb 23rd 1982
Pretty Green-Interview-Funeral Pyre

Danish Spil Op 
Feb 23rd 1982
Running on the Spot,Circus, Happy Together, Ghosts, In The Crowd, Town Called Malice, Pity Poor Alfie / Fever, Precious, Just Who is the Five o'Clock Hero, The Gift, Move on Up & Trans-global Express

Total Running time 2 hours of the
Best Band in the World


Gift From The Underground

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