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Compilation Vol. 1 Splinters

Sure Is Sure Hit Studio International 1990
Harvest For The World Three Of a Kind 1983
Interview TVAM 1983
Speak Like A Child Switch 1983
A Solid Bond In Your Heart Switch 1983
It Didn't Matter TOTP 1987
Saturday Superstore Reviews 1987
Shout To The Top The Tube 1984
Man Of Great Promise The Tube 1984
Strength Of Your Nature The Tube 1984
Razor's Edge The Tube 1984
WanteTOTP 1987
Interview BBC Breakfast TV 1987
Promised Land Motormouth 1989
It Didn't Matter Rock Around The Dock 1986
Angel Around The Dock 1986
You're The Best Thing Earsay 1984
Walls Come Tumbling Down Wogan Show 1985
My Ever Changing Moods Pop Goes Xmas 1985
Interview Saturday Superstore 1986
The Wholepoint Of No Return Hit Studio International 1990
Move On Up  Clapham Common 1987
Shout To The Top TOTP 1984
Internationalists Lenny Henry Show 1985
The Paris Match Switch 1983
Long Hot Summer Switch 1983
It Didn't Matter Wogan Show 1987
My Ever Changing Moods The Tube 1983
Headstart For Happiness The Tube 1983
Hanging On To a Memory The Tube 1983
Interview Oxford Roadshow 1984
Big Boss Groove Earsay 1984
Wanted The Roxy 1987
Promised Land TOTP 1989
Headstart For Happiness Switch 1983
With Everything To Lose Soul Train 1985
My Ever Changing Moods TOTP 1984
Interview Whistle Test 1985

Splinters Compilation DVD 1


TSC Compilation Vol. 1 Splinters

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