Video Recordings

Paul Weller

Way Past The Stars

Bullrush (Saturday Zoo 1993) 
Out Of The Sinking (Friday Night's All Wright 1997) 
Town Called Malice (Saturday Zoo 1993) 
Foot Of The Mountain (Glastonbury Festival 1994) 
Ohio (Glastonbury Festival 1994) 
From The Floorboards Up (Top of the Pops 2005) 
Uh Huh Oh Yeh (Jay Leno Show 1992 + interview) 
Instatnt Karma (BBC John Lennon Night 2002) 
Town Called Malice (Live in LA 1992) 
Out Of The Sinking (Mercury Music Prize 1994) 
(Can You Heal Us) Holy Man ? (Mercury Music Prize 1994) 
Wild Wood (Mercury Music Prize 1994) 
Into Tomorrow (Jonathon Ross Show 1991) 
Tin Soldier (Jonathon Ross Show 1991 + interview) 

MTV News (Interview 1993)
Uh Huh Oh Yeh (Top Of The Pops 1992) 
The Weaver (Saturday Zoo 1993) 
Wishing On A Star (Friday Night With Jonathon Ross 2004) 
A Bullet For Everyone (VH2 Live 2005) 
Frightened (VH1 Uncut 1998) 
Brand New Start (VH1 Uncut 1998) 
Driving Nowhere (MTV Live N Loud 1997) 

Science (MTV Live N Loud 1997) 
Amongst Butterflies (MTV's Most Wanted 1993 Acoustic) 
Foot Of The Mountain (MTV's Most Wanted 1993 Acoustic)
In The Crowd (VH2 Live 2005) 
Leafy Mysteries (Later With Jools Holland 2002) 
Whats Going On (Greenwich Naval College 1999) 
Savages (Later With Jools Holland 2005)


Way Past The Stars

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